Business process automation for ecosystems of all sizes Your company's operations and processes flow through complex systems across multiple organizations, partners, suppliers and financial institutions. Business Ecosystem Automation (BEA) helps you take control of processes from end to end. Learn more N-Way Matching: an antidote for exceptions Error-proof your documents and automate checks even for your most complex flows. Read more Sustainability is not a buzzword! Start your journey to digital transformation by going paperless.
It helps your business grow and it protects nature.
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Solutions that address your specific needs


Take advantage of fully automated document processing and perfect visibility over your data.


Take away the hassle of handling invoices and get rid of the paperwork with full automation.


Get full visibility into the quality of your procurement activity for better decision-making.


Streamline your legal operations to mitigate risks and ensure full compliance.

Get confidence in figures, concentrate on strategy
and improve your business relationships​

Fast borderless automation for your back-office processes

E-Invoicing, E-Orders, E-Logistics, Electronic Archiving, Contract Management and Electronic Product Catalog – all in one cloud platform. Connecting you and your partners seamlessly.

Our modular solutions for end-to-end automation

Contract Management

Lower the costs of creating, negotiating, approving, executing, storing and renewing contracts. Decrease risks and track terms into day to day operations.

Electronic Catalog

Speed up sales and logistical operations by harmonizing product information between parties. Run smoother P2P and O2C processes.

Electronic Order

Ensure orders reach suppliers in time and are as accurate as possible. Integrates with over 200 ERPs so that deployment is hassle free.

Electronic Logistics

Automatically create, send notifications and track a series of logistic documents, including dispatch advice, receipt advice, bills of lading, waybills and many others.

Get full control, accuracy and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issuing or receiving your invoice into the General Ledger.

Document Management

Keep all your documents in a secure and compliant cloud-based electronic archive – accessible anywhere, anytime.

Three services to ensure your success

An intuitive and secure all-in-one platform

100% accuracy

Thanks to the most advanced data verification system for your documents

360 visibility

Real-time visibility into your cash flow, operations and document flows

Lower costs

Drastically reduce repetitive manual tasks with low added-value


For businesses of all sizes, regardless of their technological capabilities


For better and quicker decision-making


Solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific needs

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