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DocProcess helps you automate tiresome, repetitive tasks of Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable processes, freeing employees from manual work

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DocProcess offers solutions for Accounts Payable automation

DocXchange is an intelligent RPA-based (Robotic Process Automation) platform, delivered in the cloud, that takes care of all your manual Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes including paper-free transactions

What we do

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Einvoice, eOrder, validation and matching

Tired of receiving tons of invoices in various formats, including paper invoices, with lots of errors? Tired of manual data entry, delays, manual matchings and lost invoices or purchase orders? Our solution allows you to eliminate all these and increase efficiency and compliance.

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service 2

Product and master data harmonization

An automated workflow with bad data only make things worse. Mismatched product specifications lead to flawed orders, erroneous deliveries and lots of exception management. DxCatalog allows you to harmonize product data between you and your suppliers, speeding up the procurement process.

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service 3

Supplier onboarding, bring all parties into a single network

The hardest part of AP automation is supplier onboarding. Persuading them to switch to einvoicing is a challenge. And the reason that many AP automation processes fail. Not anymore. DocProcess Supplier Onboarding team achieves impressive rates – up to 95% rate within 3 years.

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service 4

Payment and reconciliation

DocXchange covers the final stage of the process as well. Its electronic payment module is able to initiate the payment process, collect payment information, reconcile invoices in the ERP and send a confirmation message back to suppliers.

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service 5

Document automation

We understand love of paper. But not when it comes to business inefficiencies. Paper is wasteful and fraught with problems. To sustain accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, our solution, through intelligent RPA is able to extract data from any format (paper, pdf, email etc.), validate it and inject it into your software of choice.

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service 6

Content Services

Documents and processes generate data. Data is often stored in silos on outdated ECM systems. Why not create a cloud-based layer of content services that actually turns that data into precious business information?

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DocXchange platform helps us achieve significant cost savings from invoice processing, elimination of paper documents, invoice accuracy, automated exception handling and an improved treatment of disputes.
Carrefour’s strategic objective is to digitize its business processes while improving compliance and control, and reducing costs.
We and our suppliers now have the benefit of the DocXchange multidirectional platform securing 100% of our e-invoices, a process which ensures compliance to fiscal and business rules.
DocProcess fully understood our needs and proved to be an innovative and reliable partner in digitizing, automatizing and overall transforming our business processes.

Adela Florean, Accounting Reporting Consolidation Director, Carrefour

When you have the customer service representative entering the order by hand, they enter the wrong ship keys. They enter in wrong product code numbers or the wrong quantities. It’s very easy to err and now, this has been eliminated. DocXchange solution for order automation and Accounts Receivables helped us speed the sales cycle and reduce the number of invoices overdue.

Marius Ungureanu, Key Account Manager, E-Boda

I was really impressed with the implementation efficiency that DocProcess team offered us. They onboarded suppliers at lighting speed. The DocXchange platform is flexible enough to accommodate all our business needs and scalable enough to support all our financial processes. We’re looking forward to expanding these RPA solutions to other financial areas.

Bertrand Gregory, CFO, Cora – Romania Hypermache

We automated finance & accounting processes for

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AP automation brings savings up to 80%, interested to learn how?