We can save your business time and money by automating manual processes. But our solutions go further than that. We make connections work across your whole partner network. We create truly connected ecosystems that give you a 360 degree visibility of business operations so you can focus on growing your business.

Our next-generation solutions shape the future of how businesses work and grow together. Join us!

Our mission

We believe the efficiency of tomorrow's business depends on its ability to add value to the ecosystem. That’s why their extended business processes must be automated and directly connected to all partners' information systems. DocProcess enables you to do just that. We believe businesses of all sizes should use their ecosystem as a catalyst for growth. Your company does not exist in a vacuum: they flow through complex systems across multiple organizations, partners, suppliers, and financial institutions. To ensure optimal visibility of your business, it’s not enough to have powerful information systems. The quality and depth of the relationship between your company's systems and those of your partners will be key. Remember: you’re only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Companies need to take back the initiative and gain full control of their ecosystem.

Our history

DocProcess founded as an IT consultancy company.
DocProcess becomes a software developer and business service provider, developing the Business Ecosystem Automation platform.
DocProcess BEA platform covers Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash processes
Opening of the Grenoble office, home to the R&D team. Liviu Apolozan is named EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.
Series A fundraising and extension of the platform's functional coverage to contract management (DxContract)
Opening of the Paris office, which hosts the international development team

Our team

Liviu Apolozan
Founder, Chairman of the Board and VP of Strategy
After building an IT career in France at large corporations such as Effective or Xerox, Liviu Apolozan decided to place his bets on one card: he started his own company, on a new and brave idea. DocProcess was built from the start to provide: end-to-end digital transformation for companies of all sizes. After 15 years of DocProcess, we can safely say that Liviu Apolozan’s card was an ace.
Daniela Apolozan
Romania | CEO
A Sorbonne alumni, prior to joining DocProcess, Daniela was the Executive Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFER). It’s there that she developed her ability to develop long-term trade partnerships, something that can be seen in DocProcess’ impressive client roster. After initially managing the marketing department and then serving as a COO, Daniela is now the person everyone goes to ask for approvals - in other words, a CEO.
Jean-Dominique Sorace
Technical Director
The head of our R&D office in Grenoble, Jean-Dominique Sorace has an impressive 27 years IT career behind him, previously holding senior positions at Oracle France, Sun Microsystems, and Bull. As a coordinator of our entire software research and development activity, Jean-Dominique is responsible for many of our recent innovations. He is one of the few who know the secret ingredient of our technology and the best person to answer the question: “What does this button do?”.
Costin Baicu
With 14 years of experience as a CFO and a lot more as a financial specialist, Costin Baicu has made a name for himself by helping companies with their international expansion. A liaison between the board and the management team, Costin is not only tasked with optimizing DocProcess’ cash flow and strategic expansion. He is also the most likely person to answer the infamous question: “Do we have a budget for this?”
Christophe Lacaze
CEO France and VP of Sales International
With a university degree in Science and Business, Christophe Lacaze has more than 30 years of experience in the High Tech sector, many of them as a sales director, country director, general manager or CEO. With such extensive management experience and notable successes such as SAS or ITESOFT behind him, it’s no wonder that Christophe Lacaze is the one to call when you want to conquer the Western market.
Gabriel Gavrila
Sales Director
With over 15 years of sales experience in SaaS and IaaS services, Gabriel is responsible for coordinating our commercial activity, while also optimizing sales related processes. Unlike traditional sales people, Gabriel is first and foremost a business consultant, helping our customers achieve their business goals through our products. Speaking of which, you don’t happen to be on the look for a complete business ecosystem automation suite, do you?

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