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I am a marketer, interested in how and why people make decisions and especially purchase decisions. This interest leads me to make the most of the intersection of business, psychology and behavioral economics. The second area of focus is how to apply these nudges and creativity into developing marketing programs that shape purchase decisions. I blog on marketing and behavioral economics at www.ileanachermenschi.com
11 09, 2019

DocProcess receives growth funding from Morphosis Capital. Now what?

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Hello, This is Daniela & Liviu, co-founders of DocProcess. Until a couple of months ago, we’d never thought we’d say this, but we’ve just landed a significant investment from [...]

10 12, 2018

2018 E-Invoicing Conference, presented by PwC and DocProcess

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In November, PwC and DocProcess held The E-Invoicing Conference 2018 edition, regarding Directive 2014/55/EU which mandates the use of e-documents in B2G procurement. The Directive comes into force April, [...]

21 06, 2018

Interview with Liviu Apolozan, CEO DocProcess – Bursa Newspaper

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Liviu Apolozan, DocProcess CEO, recently spoke about the development of DocProcess in recent years in an interview for the Bursa newspaper. You can read about the factors that prompted [...]