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One shared platform for the most accurate information across your organization and your business ecosystem​

Any-to-any document conversion

Thanks to its complex mapping and workflow automation systems, our platform handles any type of document, both structured and unstructured. Your documents are standardized and enriched with data from both internal and external references.

  • Structured documents (including XML, IDOC, EDIFACT).
  • Other formats can be mapped to a standard and compliant UBL structure .
  • Paper documents and image files are scanned at our centers and digitized through an OCR engine.
BEA Platform - any format
BEA Platform integrations

Out-of-the-box compatibility

Our modular solutions are completely platform-agnostic and can be used by businesses regardless of their size, type, or technical capabilities.

  • We support over 200 ERP and accounting software.
  • Our web platform is accessible from any web interface on any OS.
  • Each module is natively integrated within the DocProcess BEA platform.
  • Our dashboards and reports can be quickly integrated with existing BI tools.
  • All our systems and formats are legally compliant with European legislation.
  • Our products are localized, with multiple languages supported from the start.

Unlimited business rules and workflows

With unlimited control rules you eliminate the need for manual work for document validation. Documents are validated against internal and external references, and customizable workflows speed up the approval process. A few of our workflows:

  • Order negotiation
  • Order confirmation
  • Invoice cost center
  • Accounting codes allocation
  • Invoice correction
  • Credit and debit note reconciliation
Document matching
Nway matching

The most advanced n-way matching system

Our advanced matching platform supports not just 2-way and 3-way matching (the most common scenarios), but also n-way matching, that is, matching of as many documents and types of documents as needed. Automated document matching allows our clients to compare the information on documents such as invoices with that of supporting logistics or procurement documents. The latter can include purchase orders, receipt advices, dispatch advices, and even contracts.

Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics Dashboard and APIs empower you with real-time data and full visibility into your operations. These tools help you monitor supplier performance, analyze key patterns and identify gaps in efficiency. They also provide a wide array of features with company-wide relevance such as tracking of KPIs, improved visibility thanks to real-time data, and increased transparency. Your benefits:

  • See all of your key AP / AR information at a glance.
  • Easily keep track of your company’s and your team’s KPIs.
  • Identify gaps, recurring bottlenecks and low-performing suppliers.
  • Keep each of your team members informed with the data that is most relevant to their role.
  • Enable your teams to make measurable improvements in the way they work.

Audit trail

The audit trail feature enables you to see the timeline of all the changes that a document has gone through, such as: status changes in chronological order, the owner of a change, date and time of the respective change etc. This feature brings it all together, without you needing to browse through all the documents. You will also have easy access to documentary evidence of your company’s activities in a secure manner.

Solutions security

DocProcess’ commitment to a flawless user experience is backed by extensive security measures, as well as a multi-level back-up process.

Our software stack is hosted on fully redundant servers, with an active standby HA (High Availability) model and the BEA data storage is replicated in real time on redundant storage, with a guaranteed availability of 99.5%.

Besides advanced backups and disaster recovery plans, our company also benefits from several national and international certifications, including ISO 27001 for information security.

Solutions Security

Our BEA platform modules to fit your needs

Contract management

Lower the costs of creating, negotiating, approving, executing, storing and renewing contracts. Decrease risks and track terms into day to day operations.

Electronic catalog

Speed up sales and logistical operations by harmonizing product information between parties. Run smoother P2P and O2C processes.

Electronic order

Ensure orders reach suppliers in time and are as accurate as possible. Integrates with over 200 ERPs so that deployment is hassle free.

Electronic logistics

Automatically create, send notifications and track a series of logistic documents, including dispatch advice, receipt advice, bills of lading, waybills and many others.

Get full control, accuracy and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issuing or receiving your invoice into the General Ledger.

Document management

Keep all your documents in a secure and compliant cloud-based electronic archive – accessible anywhere, anytime.

How we can help you

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Save time and money

Reduce low value-added manual tasks and save on invoice processing, data controls, exception management and physical document disposal.
2 1

Improve relationships

Improve client-supplier relationships (fewer exceptions, errors or complaints), work in a common language, and resolve disputes faster.
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Free up space

Electronically archive documents (invoices, contracts, GRNs, etc.), and say goodbye to cabinets, boxes or other traditional storage spaces.
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Gain visibility and compliance

Gain real-time visibility into your processes and compliance throughout the entire business ecosystem. Both you and your partners will know when a document has been created, sent or approved.

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Ensure speed and accuracy

Using the product e-catalog shared with your business partners you get to speed up sales and purchasing cycles and drastically reduce errors.

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Gain key business insights

Electronically manage supplier, client and partner contracts, turning them into real business tools that provide you with insights into your daily business operations.