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Welcome to our thinking area

– process automation blog –

Our process automation blog is our favorite spot on the website because here is all the fun. Yes, it is fun to write articles on emerging technology such as RPA, machine learning or blockchain and how we apply it to our products and to our customers’ businesses. Why? Because we are all geeks and because we believe technology empowers humanity. We don’t believe in the gloom and doom stories that robots are after our jobs. Instead, we believe that humans deserve better work – free from manual, mindless tasks such as data entry, invoice control and matching or keeping product master data updated. Sure, as any change in human history, it can be daunting, but if you keep an open mind – things can be better.

This is why we’re doing what we’re doing – we want to put the fun back in the work.

On our process automation blog you can also find some random stuff –  the latest news about our people, the people that we seek to join our team and of course, what the press is saying about DocProcess.

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Enjoy the reading!

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