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8 10, 2019

Make the Most of Your AP Automation – A proven way to beat the best-in-class

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Accounts Payable - The Core of Your Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is not an easy task. In fact, according to McKinsey, 70% of all company-wide transformation projects fail. The culprits? [...]

4 06, 2019

Are You Prepared for Digital Transformation? Three e-Finance Trends that Will Impact your Business

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Digital transformation is now a mainstay in most companies’ budgets and its popularity is unlikely to decrease. As paper transactions become a thing of the past, companies no longer [...]

19 04, 2019

20 Questions to Ask Your Provider – Before Automating Your P2P

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What’s P2P Automation and Why Do You Need It? Purchase-to-pay, also known as Procure-to-pay, or simply P2P, is the process in which a business inquires, orders, gets [...]

2 04, 2019

Continuous Accounting – Upcoming threat or unique opportunity?

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Or how continuous accounting solutions can help your business thrive It’s not even 10.00 AM, and you’re already drowning in paperwork. You’ve organized it neatly: invoices, bills, orders, forms, [...]