Come meet us at CIO Conference 2018, on May 16th, Radisson Hotel.

Liviu Apolozan, our CEO, will be joining a panel on the impact of AI technologies on business. Panel starts at 14.30.

Liviu will talk about how AI and Machine Learning coupled with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can deeply transform the productivity in business processes.

Vrije University, Amsterdam measured that average productivity since the 80s increased by 75% in industrial settings, while office productivity by a mere 3%. (Office productivity in information-heavy industries such as consulting, law, marketing, sales, banking).

Obviously, despite computers, BIs, ERPs..we are missing out on something. We believe that automating office work is the missing link and we’ve seen it in action at several of our key retail clients.

Liviu will talk about:

  • RPA, AI and blockchain are leveling the playing field for both small and medium companies compared to enterprises. And why this is a huge economic change.
  • How AI will be saving thousands of hours in C-level and mid management time by empowering decision-making.
  • How to keep your data secure using blockchain and, more importantly how to prevent fraud.

We’ll be back with panel highlights. Stay tuned!