We build automation software

for busy teams who need time to focus on real work and eliminate the hassle of paper documents

Our mission

We believe all teams want to focus on what they do best – sell, market, acquire and handle finances, and eliminate the hassle of paper documents and cumbersome processes.

From retail to automotive, from small companies of one to enterprises, our mission is to help these teams achieve their goals easily and elegantly, with automation software taking care of documents and workflows.

Yes, we might be labelled as digital transformation helpers or robotic process automation wizards. It’s irrelevant. We’re just happy to turn these buzzwords into real savings and gains.


The team

We’ve got the kind of team which you want to join and never want to leave. Really, most of us have been here for more than 3 years, so that must count for something.

Doing good

Doing good is not just for karma’s sake. We believe gratitude, compassion and education, all work together to make this short time more enjoyable for all, and this is why we get involved in humanitarian projects.



A refresher – we just said most of us are here for more than 3 years. Aren’t you curious why?

What we value


We all have the optimism and perseverance to see things trough.


We care. We deliver. No excuses.


Why? Five times at least. Because getting to the root of it, brings out the best solutions.


The ability to take in evidence, integrate information from multiple sources, derive meaning from it, and make decisions quickly.


We forgive any mistake that happened just once. We forgive any mistake which taught you a lesson.