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DocProcess job opportunities

We build robotic process automation software, to help enterprises get rid of paper documents and manual work, and thus reach a higher level of productivity and added value.

Are you looking to join a company that you never want to leave? Most of our colleagues have been working here for more than three years. Are you also looking for a team with strong values? We believe that optimism and perseverance are at the core of our company, the basis of seeing things through. At DocProcess, curiosity helps us get to the root of problems and find the best solutions for them.

We also believe that one can learn best from their mistakes, and this is the reason why we forgive any mistake that taught us important lessons. Curious to discover DocProcess job opportunities?

We’re currently looking for

Content Marketer

 We’re looking for a smart and persuasive Content Marketer passionate about nurturing leads through education on topics such as RPA, machine learning, automation and productivity hacks in finance, accounting, logistics or procurement.

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Business developer RPA

We are looking for a business developer skilled in creating partnerships in the services and technology markets, preferably form a SaaS / automation / BPM company.

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Développeur Java

Nous chercherons un développeur Java junior / niveau intermédiaire passionné par RPA, AI (intelligence artificielle) et blockchain pour contribuer à un produit original qui compte actuellement plus de 25.000 utilisateurs dans le monde.

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Java team lead

We are looking for a Java Team Lead  in love with the latest tech (micro-services, Docker, Kubernetes) but also in love with organizing teams, tasks and priorities – to help develop our RPA-based platform.

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Digital marketer

Really into SaaS marketing? Churn? Comfortable working in a multicultural team with suppliers form Los Angeles to Bucharest? Then we’d like to meet you and help bring RPA to our retail and banking portfolios.

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Java developer

We are looking for a junior/mid level Java developer passionate about micro-services, Docker, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos – to help develop our RPA-based platform for back-office processes.

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