Advancing humanity through technology and education

How DocProcess contributes to society

We are fortunate to be in a business that is humanity +. That is, a business which by nature is designed to benefit the entire society. DocProcess’ most obvious contribution is the creation of tools to make paper use unnecessary in the business world. On a deeper level, we’re in a business which powers teams to make the most of their skills by dealing away with manual, repetitive processes.

But we like to push things forward even more. That’s why, each year we get involved in a special community project, where we dedicate time and financial resources. Discover how DocProcess contributes to society:

Give kids a brighter school year

In 2017 we partnered with Asociatia Valentina, an NGO dedicated to helping children with precarious material conditions, continue their education. The NGO offers after-school services as well as direct support for those kids at risk of abandoning school due to poverty. DocProcess team got involved in preparing over 40 school packs, containing everything from stationery to books, for the upcoming school year.

We see digital technology and education as inseparable nowadays. Without either, you cannot make it far in the workplace in the coming years. This is why we chose to support children through school and we’re happy we found Asociatia Valentina to count on for grass-roots activity – Daniela Apolozan, COO


Planting the trees of the future

The project took place in 2016, in the Buila-Vanturarita national parc, the only national park created at the efforts of an NGO – Kogayon. Kogayon team is dedicated to preserving the wildlife and the eco-turism in the Oltenia region, The entire DocProcess team was present in the park and helped decorate a touristic trail.

We believe that digital technology can be used to protect our environment and generate a sustainable future for us all. DocProcess is doing precisely this for our customers, helping them digitize business processes and eliminate paper. We are really glad to have Kogayon beside us and help do our bit for the environment – Daniela Apolozan, COO.

Do you have an interesting project that supports our vision?