Content services – free data from silos and put it to work

Go beyond information silos and make data come to you, when you need it, how you need it.

Information is power. Yet it’s quite inaccessible when you need it, even if you have it. It sits within paper documents or in complex ECM systems that are rigid, costly and difficult to use. Rethink your business content management approach with DxContent our content services solution designed to offer you the right content, at the right time for the task at hand.

Make content and processes automatic, in order to speed up the business flows.

Manage content however you need, no matter your legacy ECM systems

Manage your content, no matter where it’s stored

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Digital technologies are as good as the data and the processes they rely on. Making content available in the cloud, for any employee, any team or department, free from the structure or location of repositories, helps decision making, improves productivity and enhances business agility.

Bring together documents, processes and governance

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Companies need a better way to work, beyond information trapped in various repositories all over the country or even the world. With DxContent you can unify and automate the data and the processes from these repositories. This makes it universally accessible in a safe and user-friendly way.

Build any application on top of your company content

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Whether you work on case management, document management,  contract management or just need specific information from a batch of invoices or from a particular supplier, smart metadata and rules offer you just the information you need. You can create any type of business application that is based on your company’s content and agreed processes. With ease and speed.

Content Services is the simple and secure way to access your company data, without changing your IT infrastructure, bringing all of your people, information and applications together, to transform how you work.


  • Always-on content – accessible from anywhere

  • Smart folders – content organized by metadata not by storage location

  • Collaborative, easy to use interface

  • Granular level permission management, by role, team, content type etc.

  • Robust records management, ideally suited for archiving documents

  • Integrations with most common productivity business apps

  • Powerful rule engine, easy to adapt to your business requirements

  • Advanced business process configurator

  • Require no changes in your IT infrastructure

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