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for Finance and Accounting

Your job, as a CFO, evolves fast and it relies on accurate, real-time financial data. Your organization expects more of you, assuming that internal automation of operations has made the job of your accounting department easier. But the devil is always in the details.

To predict the financial evolution of your business, you need to know where your operations stand at all times. Yet, you rely on partners and the data they send. What you need is a Business Ecosystem Automation solution, that not only connects you to all your partners, but one which is able to align and streamline the processes between you. Accounting automation end-to-end.

360° financial visibility

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your invoices. Received eInvoices are instantly recognized and they never get lost
in the process

Faster decision making

Use our DX platform for automatic processing of POs, invoicing and associated documents, freeing employees from manual work
and paperwork

Perfect compliance

With our advanced rule and validation engine, any document is checked and dealt with automatically, allowing you to focus
only on exceptions.

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Get full control, accuracy and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issuing or receiving your invoice into the General Ledger.
Document & Records Management System
Keep all your documents in a secure, cloud-based electronic archive. A common file repository for all your documents – accessible anywhere, anytime.
Contract Management
Lower the costs of creating, negotiating, approving, executing, storing and renewing contracts. Decrease risks and track terms into day to day operations.

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Closer to real-time accounting

1330 suppliers onboarded to electronic invoicing in 18 months. 100% straight-through processing.
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Order-to-Cash automation

Full automation of the Order-to-Cash process, from order input to delivery and invoicing.
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Contract management made simple

Freed the legal team of hundreds of hours of manual work and let them focus on more important tasks.
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Improve resilience with integrated contract management

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Finance and Accounting Automation Solutions That Are:


Out-of-the-box integration with your ERPs and those of your customers and suppliers without lengthy customizations


Fully managed onboarding of your customers and suppliers, no matter their size or characteristics, and dedicated support along the way.

Built for speed

Any document is processed automatically in less than 5 seconds, from the moment it was issued till the moment it reaches the beneficiary. Complete with an unlimited number of customizable validation rules. So you have accurate information, every time, all the time.

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