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If process automation is something you’re familiar with, and if artificial intelligence platforms are on your shortlist, give us a call!

In brief: We are looking for Senior Consultants in Presales who can support the sales team with technical expertise throughout the entire sales process, from demo and specs to signing the contract.

What will you do

  • You will understand, analyze and model the client’s needs and propose solutions for them;
  • You will accompany the sales team and make live demonstrations;
  • You will support the sales team throughout the sales process with all product requirements;
  • You will support the sales team at a technical level throughout the sales process, from the demo, specifications and bid phase to the moment of signing;
  • You will argue the benefits of DocProcess products to customers and future customers;
  • You will be able to show our customers the long-term benefits of our products and you will be able to justify the pricing policy;
  • You will be involved in product development and will actively contribute to improving and adapting DocProcess solutions for current and future customers;
  • You will attend specialized conferences and address potential customers;

What you should know to fit in perfectly

  • Have at least five years of experience in a similar position in a technology company;
  • Get a thrill from supporting product presentations and demonstrations;
  • Understand business structure and operational processes;
  • To be familiar with digital transformation and automation and to have heard of EDI, RPA, OCR, A.I., and machine learning;
  • To be familiar with major operating systems and understand working with databases;
  • If you’ve seen a Docker and Kubernetes interface and you understand blockchain infrastructure, we’re already impressed;
  • It’s mandatory to understand and speak above-average English, but we would not be angry at all if you were surprised with an en Français presentation;

How you should be to fit in perfectly

  • Open, communicative, dynamic, full of team spirit … a salesman, basically;
  • Curious, interested in the IT market, and attentive to customer needs;
  • The kind who prefers to anticipate, not to correct;
  • Organized and passionate about deadlines (it’s alright, we do not believe in over-time);
  • Capable of balancing an emotional approach with a technical one;
  • Able to express coherently in writing, whether it’s an email or technical documentation;
  • Rigorous with your projects – small mistakes can endanger big sales;

From our part

We guarantee you will have the opportunity to work in a scale-up culture and make an impact on thousands of consumers. We will offer you every available tool, technologies or support you need to learn or perfect yourself. In addition, we will offer you fresh fruit, meal vouchers, gift vouchers, medical insurance, shipping and very good coffee.

About DocProcess

DocProcess is a Romanian company with over 14 years of experience in document management and process automation. We offer digital business services (Automation of Purchase to Pay processes, digital archiving) for over 3200 companies worldwide, with more than 25,000 individual users.

Our service platform – DocExchange – is a pre-configured, cloud-based solution for digital service providers and BPO services. From large companies to SMEs, retail and automotive, we have the right solutions for digitizing financial, accounting, logistics, procurement, and production processes.

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