DocProcess presents DocProcess: A bold new look.

We’ve grown a lot over the past 15 years. Our products diversified, our team increased, and our offices multiplied. Along with them, our clients grew in both numbers and satisfaction. Today, we can say we are no longer an enthusiastic start-up, nor an international company. We are both and a lot more than that. And to mark this moment, we searched for a new identity. One that shows not just what we can do today, but how we define tomorrow. An identity that speaks to you, as a client, but also to your partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. Why? Because slowly, we realized we were not just automating processes, but entire business ecosystems.

The DocProcess History

Founded back in 2005, DocProcess started as a business consulting company. Our initial goal? Complete back-office automation for companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, our dream proved bigger than our market, so we decided to start slowly. We began guiding companies on their path to digitalization. In less than 8 years, we had already built a software platform to assist us in our goals, thus shifting into a business service provider. The platform came to include both P2P and O2C processes by 2015, but its big break came in 2018, when we opened our R&D center in Grenoble. With an improved offer and a brand new vision, it’s no wonder that Morphosis Capital soon joined us as an investor and partner.

Powered by this partnership, we opened a new headquarter in Paris, thus effectively creating DocProcess France. Helmed by Christophe Lacaze, this new branch strengthens our European presence and brings our products to countless new companies. In fact, as we speak, our 3500 clients base has just grown larger with a few international names. 2020 was also the year when the third generation of our platform launched, adding a streamlined and easy-to-use interface to an already great product.

From “Working Bright’’ to ‘’Taking Control”

Our initial slogan, “Work Bright. Not Hard” was almost perfect. It showed our products’ level of automation and ease of use. DocProcess helps you work efficiently, without wasting time on manual tasks, right? There was just one small problem: we were only talking to your company! During the past few years, it wasn’t just our platform and our awards case that got bigger. We also changed our approach. Our products were not just automating a company’s own processes. They were automating all back-office processes between the company and its partners. In other words: the entire business ecosystem.

The truth is your processes do not exist in a vacuum. They flow through complex systems across multiple organizations, partners, customers, and financial institutions. Regardless of how grand your vision is, without your partners on board, it will remain on paper. DocProcess can help you move things further: we help you take control of your ecosystem! Our solutions cover all your automation needs, from P2P and O2C to Logistics, Contract Management, and Payments. Our next generation platform comes with out-of-the-box compatibility with over 200 ERPs and 360° process visibility. Furthermore, we can onboard 100% of your suppliers without burdening your team with this task!

This is why we felt the need to change both our slogan and our visual identity. Bold and contrasting, as our offer is, with an emphasis on the impact automation has on your entire network. So, without further ado, we give you the new DocProcess:


DocProcess logo positive RGB xl

Next steps for DocProcess, new benefits for you

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been constantly using two secret ingredients: our team and our customers. This why we’d like to take the time and thank you, our client, for using our products and for helping us improve with every release. It is because of you DocProcess has grown from a promising consulting start-up to a best-in-class ecosystem automation company. And it is with you that we shall pass to the next stage of our growth. Together, we are shaping the future of how businesses work and collaborate!

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