DocXchange – Achieve your saving objectives from day 1

Automate tiresome, repetitive tasks of Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable processes and free employees from manual work with our purchase-to-pay solution


The full-suite Purchase-to-Pay solution for Finance, Accounting, Procurement and Logistics operations.

We offer several tightly integrated modules. Start with eInvoicing then add modules as your business digital maturity increases.


Learn more about the benefits eInvoicing brings to B2B relationships, company performance and process optimization.

Electronic order

Start issuing electronic Purchase Orders simplifying the order receipt process for your suppliers.

Product catalog

Digital works best on a single-view data source. Create your product catalogs together with suppliers, in order to achieve master data harmonization

Legal archive

Store your eInvoices in a secure, cloud-based, accessible anywhere, anytime – electronic archive.

Dispatch and receipt notes

Receive your dispatch advices form suppliers, electronically. Send them receipt notes to speed up the process.


Tighten your supply chain process with the help of eForecasts, ensuring the right merchandise reaches you at the right time.

Your Accounts Payable department is busy, dealing with tons of paper documents and repetitive manual processes. Now, there is a better way to work: A Machine  Learning and RPA-based (Robotic Process Automation) Purchase-to-Pay solution that takes care of paper and repetitive tasks.

With DocXchange purchase-to-pay automation platform, savings from the elimination of manual processes and paper-based documents are delivered quickly.

But the benefits for employee morale, employee productivity, faster business cycle, perfect compliance and perfect visibility extend for the long-term.

Start right away with your Purchase-to-Pay project in finance

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Improve working capital and cash visibility

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your invoices. Received eInvoices are instantly recognized and they never get lost in the process

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Shift from manual to touchless processing

Use our DX platform for automatic processing of POs, invoicing and associated documents, freeing employees from manual work and paperwork

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Prevent errors from entering your ERP

With our advanced rule and validation engine, any document is checked and dealt with automatically, allowing you to focus only on exceptions.

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A complete set of features to enable continuous accounting

Business rules – a powerful RPA- based engine to support your business needs

  • Start with the right product data between you and your suppliers, as a single source of truth
  • Automatically match POs with invoices and receipt notes, validating format and content to drive contractual compliance and eliminate errors.
  • Enforce any type of workflow for you documents, releasing you from manual approval processes.
  • Enhance your inbound or outbound documents with key business info.

A bliss to use

  • Simple, crystal-clear interface design, makes training and user manuals irrelevant.
  • Advanced search based on numerous criteria including custom business rules, makes document retrieval a breeze.
  • Instant platform software deployment for basic workflows.

Integration any-to-any – extend the value of your ERP

  • DocXchange handles any type of input – paper documents, pdfs, xml, EDIFACT – and transforms them into your required output.
  • We integrate through smart connectors with any ERP, extending the value of your system without the need of costly customizations.

Improved supplier relationships

  • We take care of the supplier onboarding process, without disrupting business as usual.
  • For suppliers we can customize the exception management workflow
  • A wide range of data input channels – paper, portal or ERP to ERP are built in and ready to use

Customers who chose our Purchase-to-Pay solution already achieved


reduction in AP invoice total management cost


invoice error rate down form 35%

10 min.

from issue moment to ERP posting

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