Make the most of invoice compliance

Store your invoices and other transactional documents in a secure cloud-based legal archive with our document management solutions

According to national regulation, invoices – paper or electronic, have to be stored for long periods of time and be easily available upon inspection. The simplest way to do that is to opt for a an electronic archive (one of our document management solutions) compliant with the strictest of regulations: DxArchive.

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Cut paper. Cut costs

Paper archiving is no longer a viable solution. A growing percentage of invoices are now issued and received electronically. Electronic storage is now the preferred method of archiving at a fraction of the cost of physical archives.

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Storage workflows eliminate the need for manual work

Our platform has automatic upload flows that once configured for your business rules, eliminates all need of deciding where and how to store your documents. This is peace of mind.

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

DxArchive, built for the cloud, lets you upload and access documents from any location, irrespective of the issuing/receiving location.

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Pay-as-you-go pricing

We made things simple with a pay-as-you go pricing model. You can easily forecast your archiving costs and make sure that you only pay as your business grows – we have a fixed price per document stored.

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High compliance

Be compliant with policies and regulations required for any business document you use.

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Data residency

Store your DxArchive data in a region of your choice and meet your country legal requirements regarding data residency.

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Any file format

Directly from your ERP or from an EDI network, our platform can normalize and transform any type of invoice format. With prebuilt mappings, your legal archive is ready to be deployed within a week.

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Easy storage

You can store documents in either batch mode or as you issue them. Simply select your option.

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Smart search

DxArchive captures your most important metadata such as invoice number, client data or invoice value, making it easy for your users to search, find and visualize any document. Search results are not dependent on file directory structure.

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Store your transactional documents for any length of time or as long as regulations require it.

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Be compliant with law 135/2007 and choose a digitally signed archive.

Interested in learning how to be compliant and more productive at the same time?