DxArchive Plus


Digital e-repository, extended to fit all your documents and cover all your archiving needs

Your organization is creating and receiving more and more digital documents, from various sources (scanned documents, email, fax, mobile or tablet, website, shared folders, business software etc.) which engenders more manual work and higher costs, as well as new security risks and regulatory requirements related to digital. Producing, handling, printing, or sending these documents generates significant document management costs and  interferes with the integrity of your documents. Compliance issues are as present as the risks of losing documents because of human error, natural disasters or malicious attacks.   

When you need to tackle all these challenges, electronic document archival becomes a necessity.  

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Our solution

In response to these challenges,  DocProcess offers you an innovative and efficient electronic archiving solution to guarantee the confidentiality and durability of your documents.
In contrast to DxArchive, DxArchive Plus is especially created for users to electronically store any type of document, expanding beyond standard transactional documents, and allowing you to download and upload content from/to specific applications, whenever and from wherever you are, in a content repository that is common to your entire company.

A complete set of features for your Document Management System

DxArchive Plus enables you to find and access any file you need, anytime and from anywhere, with one click

Your benefits

DxArchive Plus unifies document archiving, making your company’s content organization easier.

Access any type of documents, anytime and from anywhere

Download and upload content from/to specific applications, whenever and from wherever you are, under a content repository that is common for your entire company  and get real-time visibility over your stored documents.  

Ensure compliance and safety

Guarantee the compliance, integrity, durability, and probative value of archived electronic documents. Our secure solution supports the recovery of your documents in case of natural disasters or malicious attacks that can greatly affect an unprepared organization. 

Optimize your workflows

Silos prevent collaboration between departments, and employee productivity is not optimized. DxArchive Plus allows you to easily circulate documents inside your organization and optimize collaborative work and information sharing. 

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