>>DxArchive – Records management in the cloud

DxArchive – Records management in the cloud

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Tired of searching for invoices? For orders? Or for notes? Try DxArchive – our solution in the cloud for content services and records management, available anywhere, anytime!

DocProcess launched the new DxArchive records management service in the cloud that allows you to upload, download, and access any type of documents anytime, anywhere. DxArchive is designed specifically for easy document storage and perfect management in compliance with the strictest regulations.

DxArchive is a secure records management platform for invoices and other business documents in the cloud. With the new solution from DocProcess, you no longer have to store paper, retrieve files, duplicate them or even search for them. Everything is instantly available. Safely, in the cloud.

In the digital era, paper archiving is no longer a viable solution. Paper-based documents not only deteriorate over time, but risk destruction by accident or negligence.

Access to this types of documents is difficult, finding the right information takes a long time, and this is damaging productivity in a company.

Electronic storage has become the preferred method of archiving not only because of the ease of access to information, but also for the low price, which is only a fraction of that of physical archives. Moreover, regardless of their format (electronic or paper), documents must be preserved for long periods of time and they must be easily accessible for any inspection.

Why now?

For over 5 years, we’ve been processing your electronic documents, making sales or purchase processes easier. We have often been approached to retrieve certain documents that were no longer accessible for various reasons: the paper was lost, the accounting program had changed, or the database was no longer recoverable. Or, the documents saved in a PC had been lost through various accidents.

All these issues pose a legal risk to companies because the law is very clear: all business documents must be kept safe and in accordance with the principles of originality (they must not be modifiable), authenticity (you can always prove the source of the documents) and legibility (documents can be visually inspected without requiring any special software). Therefore, documents stored in the memory of a PC or even directly in the accounting program that issued them do not meet the requirements of the law.

So, we thought: why not give our partners an accessible, easy-to-use storage space, where they can place all their documents related to the purchase-to-pay process, and much more?

How does DxArchive help you?

DxArchive helps you:

  • meet the legal compliance criteria for storing business documents
  • always have the information at your fingertips. How easy is it to find an order from 2 years ago if you need an ISO 9001 certification?
  • have a single source of data for all of your business departments
  • quit wasting any more time searching for documents
  • avoid losing money while duplicating documents
  • for more details, check the presentation page about electronic records management

What can DxArchive do?

A lot (smile). Because there is much more to say, we invite you to read more on the DxArchive page on our website.

How can you access it?

It’s simple, send us an email at comercial@doc-process.com or call us at 0215280236 and tell us that you’re interested in DxArchive. Piece of cake!