Records and Document Management System

Digital transformation cannot happen without clean, accurate and centralized data management. DxArchive underpins all your digital transformation efforts, centralizing and automating your document management, in full compliance with the existing regulations.

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Our solution

DxArchive is a cloud-based document management solution, designed to ease your file unification and storage, in a secure way, compliant even with the strictest of regulations. Smart folders, customized automated workflows and data mapping meaning that, no matter the size and complexity of your business, you can find the right document at the right time with our simple interface. Upload, download, find and share any type of document anytime, anywhere.

A complete set of features for your Document Management System

Store all your documents on-hand, easily and quickly accessible, in one compliant e-archive

Your benefits

DxArchive unifies document archiving, making your company’s content organization easier.

Optimize your workflows

Each entity sets the appropriate authorizations and work processes, so you find your documents through a wide range of metadata.

Find any information quickly

The intelligent search feature generates a productivity gain for the whole company.

Ensure compliance

The centralized management of regulatory obligations for document retention provides a global view of legal compliance.