Overcome disputes by choosing an electronic catalog

Speed up sales and logistical operations by harmonizing product information between parties. Run smoother P2P and O2C processes. DxCatalog unifies all data between customers, suppliers, and logistics operations, leading to fewer errors, faster and more accurate purchasing and sales, improved supplier and customer relationships. A complementary and integrated solution to your ERP.

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Our solution

The management of product data (goods and services) is a key process. All it takes is one small data change from one department, to affect the entire chain of business. DxCatalog digitizes and unifies all your data, while instantly updating it for all users. Easy to integrate with your own and your suppliers' system, DxCatalog allows you to manage product information for the entire company and its ecosystem, significantly reducing the risk of disputes and errors.

A complete set of features for e-catalog

Find out how DxCatalog can help you eliminate disputes, errors, and slow product validation

Your benefits

Gain real-time visibility on the status of your deliveries. All the administrative aspects of logistics are automated. Relationships between suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers are streamlined.

Satisfied suppliers and customers

You are constantly able to locate orders and check delivery status.

Faster sales and purchasing cycles

Suppliers, customers, and logistics providers are always in contact.

Accurate inventory management and accounting

Data integrity is ensured throughout the entire chain, up until the integration into the ERP system.