Contract Management software for operational excellence

Why are contracts so difficult to grasp? Mostly because of poor contract management. The contract management process has long been considered a secondary activity, one that is necessary for running the business and avoiding legal risks, but not as a savings and revenue inducing activity. However, in recent years, businesses have shifted their attention to the contract again.

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Our solution

DxContract is a contract management tool that brings companies and their partners on a single platform. It solves all paper-generated issues, while also boosting profits thorough standard P2P and O2C integrations. This means any contractual term can be tracked in operational processes such as purchasing or invoicing. It prevents any error in operations stemming from piled, paper-based contracts that lie in a drawer.

A complete set of features for Contract Management

Find out how DxContract can take the load off your team, reduce costs and increase compliance

Your benefits

DxContract helps you transform your contract management into an operational tool for managing terms and conditions in your day-to-day operations.

360 visibility across your contract management process

Find the data you need in an instant and get an overview of the contracts and their implications. Analyze expenditures by contract and rank your suppliers to streamline your supply-chain.

Reliable contracts, easy to create and to manage

Contract creation and management made easy, secure, and controlled. No more piling and conflicting contract versions.

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Reduce costs of contracts creation, storage, and management; increase turnover and profitability thanks to compliance with contractual clauses and reduced commercial and legal risks.