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Simple, efficient and intelligent contract management solution, in the cloud

Using our simple contract management tool you can achieve close to perfect contract compliance, decreased commercial risks, decreased cost of creating, managing and storing your contracts as well as improved controlling. And with supporting platforms such as DocXchange – our Accounts Payable automation solution and DxArchive – our document and record management solution, you have a complete suite of tools for managing essential business information. Smooth and easy. Stop processing contracts manually; PayStream Advisors reveals that around 50% of organizations still deal with contracts in an ad-hoc, manual way and this is waste.
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Why our simple contract management tool is loved by customers


Simple contract management tool, easy to deploy and use, with an integrated electronic signature. All in the cloud. Straightforward and transparent pricing based on the number and type of users.


Improve revenue and decrease costs by optimizing the value of your commercial relationships – monitor your risks and obligations.


Integrated with DocXchange, our Accounts Payable solution, helping you supervise contract prices and promotions automatically.


Key features of our simple contract management tool

Contract initiation

With templates approved by legal and versioning you can be sure compliance is always enforced.

Contract visibility

Gain perfect visibility into your contracts with smart search based on metadata and free search into contract text.

SAP & MS Office integrations

Easy integration with SAP supplier base and MS Office for tasks and documents.

Contract approvals

With standard and custom contract approval workflows, business relations are set in motion quickly. Provisioned for electronic signature platforms.

Electronic Signature

With a fully integrated electronic signature system, our contract management tool can reduce the time you need to get final approvals from a couple of days to a matter of minutes.

Granular user permissions

Depending on user roles and groups. Ensure compliance supported by full audit trails.

Contract compliance

Manage terms, obligations and risks. Be notified of milestones and get a grip on contract lifecycle. With DocXchange platform integration you can track contract prices, agreed discounts and promotions.

Go completely paper-free

Transform your historic records into advanced electronic archives and put that knowledge to work. Learn more about our DxArchive solution for document automation.

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Capture and process paper forms

Do you work with a lot of customers, generating tens of thousands of paper forms? We can take that workload off your shoulders and automate the entire process.

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