Achieve 100% touchless processing with end-to-end e-invoicing

From creation to the moment they reach the ERP, invoices have a long road ahead of them. They must be written, checked for errors, printed, sent, validated, and matched. Done manually, this entire process becomes incredibly burdensome. It’s time to free the AP/AR department of tedious manual work, paper and headaches and let them focus on high value-added tasks.
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Our solution

DxInvoice is a fully automated invoicing solution, that helps clients gain 360° visibility into their AP and AR processes, and to ensure compliant and error-free e-invoicing. It provides full control, accuracy, and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issue/receipt all the way to General Ledger allocation.

Whether it’s merchandise, service, CAPEX, credit/debit notes, return or self-billed invoices, ensure all data are aligned, including through automatic variance and exception management, so your team can focus on more strategic tasks. Furthermore, by integrating DxInvoice with other modules of the BEA platform, transactions will be sped up across the entire ecosystem.

A complete set of features for e-invoicing

Streamline your accounting processes and free your team from low value-added tasks

Your benefits

An end-to-end solution for fast, reliable, compliant, and optimized e-invoicing

80% savings on invoice management costs

Lower management costs, increase service productivity, say goodbye to penalties for late payment, and improve your cash management.

x 40 more invoices per FTE/month

Significantly increase the number of processed invoices/month, reduce error rate, enhance compliance, and accelerate invoice management.

97% less paper through supplier onboarding

Fully digitalize your invoicing process from day one thanks to our supplier onboarding services, ensuring that all your suppliers can send and receive electronic documents in no time.