Automate your logistics document flows with e-logistics

From request to delivery, an order involves numerous departments and processes. The ordering process generates waybills, dispatch and receipt advices, bills of lading and status messages, and at least as many paper documents to create, send and validate. So, why not automate?

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Our solution

With today's global challenges, supply chains are becoming shorter, faster, and more complex. DxLogistics acts as a bridge across the entire supply chain, getting buyers, suppliers, and transporters at the same table, helping them weather these changes more efficiently. Our software, seamlessly integrated with your systems and your partners' systems, automates, validates, and secures your logistics document flows.

A complete set of features for e-logistics

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Your benefits

Gain real-time visibility on the status of your deliveries. All administrative aspects of logistics are automated, while relationships between suppliers, customers, and service providers are streamlined.

Secure deliveries

24/7 access and visibility to locate orders and check delivery status, resulting in no more mistaken/delayed transports or receptions.

Reassured suppliers and customers

Suppliers, customers, and logistics providers are always in contact.

Harmonized logistics and accounting processes

Data integrity is ensured throughout the entire chain, up until the integration into the ERP system.