Digitize all your paper documents!

Use our document automation solution to power your paper invoice processing or to automate any paper-based process

Paper is expensive: hundreds of hours of manual work for data input, for searching for the right document and for preserving and storing it.

With DxNoPaper, we eliminate all this paper struggle and replace it with fast, efficient and accurate digital processes. Freeing your employees from ever having to handle paper.

End-to-end process, for your peace of mind

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We receive your documents, capture data, control and validate it, resolve exceptions, create an image file of it and pass it on automatically to your ERP system. And of course, we can archive it, if you so choose in our state of the art data centers.

Eliminate all costs related to paper management

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With DxNoPaper, you eliminate the cost of manual data entry, paper categorizing, filing, storage and retrieval, including shipping/transport

Accurate data, less exception management

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With automatic capturing of information and content validation, your invoices or other documents will be free of errors. Exceptions are handled automatically through customized workflows, thus additional time and financial savings are passed on to your company

How it works

Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) we transform million of documents per year into electronic documents


Put your data to work

  • Direct to ERP or CRM export

  • Any other type of export based on your workflows and type of document

  • Format control and validation

  • Content control and validation

  • Automated exception management workflows

Process anything. Business as usual

  • Automatic format learning

  • Multipage document processing

  • Search based on metadata

  • Scalable platform whether you have 100 documents per month or thousands


2 mil.

paper documents processed yearly


reduction in paper-based invoices processing cost

10 min.

to post a paper-based invoice in your ERP

Go completely paper-free

Transform your historic records into advanced electronic archives and put that knowledge to work. Learn more about our DxArchive solution for document automation.

Capture and process paper forms

Do you work with a lot of customers, generating tens of thousands of paper forms? We can take that workload off your shoulders and automate the entire process.

Eager to get rid of paper documents?