A smarter, faster way to handle incoming documents and direct them to the right workflow

A simple electronic registry and mailroom solution delivered in the cloud

Speed and accuracy are essential for any business. With incoming information in all types and sorts, managing this inflow manually is tedious and prone to errors, misplaced documents and slow decision making. An electronic registry and mailroom solution takes the hassle out of this process. With full traceability, audit logs, automated workflows and electronic record management, DxRegistry helps organizations become more efficient and, most importantly, 100% compliant.  Start building your information omnichannel flow with our electronic registry and mailroom management solution.

Why our electronic registry and mailroom solution is so appreciated

Accelerate decisions

With the right information delivered in nearly real-time to the right person, decisions become easier and faster. With OCR, classification, data validation and routing, there’s no need to wait.

Reduce costs

An electronic registry and mailroom solution saves on storage, archiving, and transportation costs. 

Automate everything

Documents are indexed, timestamped and traced at any time during the process. Document statuses, automated workflows and notifications highlight where actions need to be taken.

Electronic registry and mailroom flow


Key features of our solution

Document collection

In a single flow capture paper documents, electronic documents (txt, csv, xml) be they invoices, contracts, orders, garnishments etc.

Electronic archiving

Securely store your documents, easily retrieve them, set retention duration and achieve compliance with your legal requirements. Learn more about our DxArchive solution.

Document registration

Each document is indexed, assigned a physical or electronic barcode and timestamped, so that no piece of information is ever lost.


Integrates easily with ERPs, CRMs or other internal or external software applications

Data capture

For paper documents, our OCR capability extracts data and validates it against external or internal references. Learn more about DxNoPaper solution.

Deployment & security

Whether in our cloud or your private cloud, our registry and mailroom solution comes with the same security features, as well as audit logs and advanced user management.

Eager to increase traceability and compliance of your documents inflow?