There are much more than 7 ways einvoicing helps you save time and money, but to start with, seven will do.

Why is this important?

Because einvoicing will soon become a mandatory step for every company that wants to digitize its finance function. The benefits are huge – cost reduction estimates vary between 60-80% just for invoice processing.

And also because einvoicing will become mandatory by law. The 2014/55/EU European directive mandates that all public procurement activities will be run solely on electronic documents, starting 2019. So, yes, if you do business with public entities, you will be impacted.

Electronic invoicing is not only a way for businesses to cut paper processing times and costs and speed up their payments. It is a company-wide change, one that transforms your entire workflow. How?

  1. By speeding up internal processes, electronic invoicing allows your employees to spend less time doing menial tasks and concentrate on services that truly bring value to your company.
  2. Automating your processes by using a interoperability platform such as DocXchange will in turn make your partners adopt the same or similar systems. This means that you’ll actually be in the forefront of digital transformation.
  3. The lack of hidden costs and the European standardization will also allow you to focus your efforts on expanding your business at a European level, rather than constantly worrying about local compliance.

If you’ve still got questions, you’re in the right place! All you have to do is download our FREE whitepaper “7 ways einvoicing helps you save time and money” on the advantages of electronic invoicing and find out how your company can benefit from these changes, but also how DocProcess can help your business thrive.

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