According to Government Decision no. 1074/2021, all economic operators who produce, import or sell the beverages specified in the Decision, have a series of legal obligations in relation to the Return Guarantee System (SGR), which will become functional in Romania starting on November 30, 2023.

The aim of this system is to promote the integration of packaging into a circular economic model, contributing to the fulfillment of national objectives set at European level for their collection and recycling, such as reaching a 77% collection rate for PET by 2025 and 90% by 2029, but also 75% for glass and 60% for aluminum starting from 2030.

Thus, SGR represents a system through which Romanians will pay a guarantee of 0.50 RON when they buy a drink (water, soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits) from a retailer, and after emptying the packaging, the consumer will have to to bring it to any of the return points organized by the merchants. Also, in exchange for the empty packaging, the consumer will receive back, on the spot, the value of the originally paid guarantee, in the form of cash, voucher or bank transfer, without the need to present the tax receipt.

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