Daniela Apolozan, Directrice générale de DocProcess : « Nous avons continué à investir massivement dans le développement des produits DocProcess. »

* Cet article a été publié en roumain (vous pouvez lire ci-dessous la version traduite en anglais), le 25 décembre 2021, par Forbes.

What word best characterizes the year 2021?

The new normal.

What were your concerns about the business you run in 2021? (pandemic, economic crisis, commodity crisis, inflation, labor, government crisis, others). What are the results of the company’s / group activity compared to the estimates at the beginning of the year?

One of the concerns was the perpetuation of the uncertainty that characterized 2020 and the lack of predictability, but fortunately things have taken a turn for the better and the current outlook is better than at the beginning of the year. The plan was to move forward cautiously, carefully observing the changes around us, in order to be able to respond adequately to the growing needs of the market and our customers.

The context was favorable for our business, the need for automation and digitization being a decisive factor in ensuring the competitiveness of companies. If in 2020 the demand for Business Ecosystem Automation (BEA) services provided by DocProcess increased by 18%, in 2021 the trend was maintained and we continued to grow, gaining new customers and complex digitization projects. Companies in sectors such as healthcare, oil and gas, construction, advertising, leasing and logistics have joined our portfolio of existing customers. Until the pandemic broke out, most DocProcess customers were retail companies, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing. The context of the health crisis has led companies to abandon analog processes and automate not only their internal processes, but especially those related to their business ecosystem – customers, suppliers, banks and other institutions.

As the transformations in the business environment brought about by the new normality will remain valid from now on, we continue to develop our services to support our customers and we are optimistic about our performance in 2022.

What were your reasons for satisfaction or optimism in 2021?

We have many reasons for satisfaction, the most important of which is the completion of the executive team in 2021 with a CEO of the group responsible for expanding the business in the US market and further worldwide, a Senior VP in France, responsible for business development and two Romanian directors with key roles in the development of local business (sales and marketing). Recruitment is in line with our strategy of continuing to strengthen our leadership in automating business processes globally, and we want to grow our business quickly in this new formula.

We have continued to invest heavily in the development of DocProcess products, precisely in the desire to make our customers’ lives easier by offering solutions and services that allow them to focus on developing their own business.

Also in 2021, we opened an office in Austin, Texas, and pressed the accelerator pedal to the fullest for the development of global partnerships and the expansion of DocProcess services, especially in the US and the Middle East. We want a fast scaling of the business not only to new markets, but also to new market segments.

The reasons for optimism come from the interest shown by our customers in France and French-speaking countries for DocProcess solutions and the prospect that in 2022 we can fully capitalize on contracts in the international market.

How do you characterize the Romanian private business environment in 2021 in terms of resilience and dynamics? Argue.

Romania’s private business environment has shown remarkable resilience in 2021, and the momentum of economic growth has exceeded our expectations. There were sectors that quickly reoriented – as was the case with online trading – but there were also difficult situations – in HoReCa, for example, where things did not go so well. In general, however, the economy has outpaced the alarmist scenarios of the beginning of the year, which we have seen globally.

What are the good decisions the government has made to encourage and support the Romanian business environment in 2021? What are some things he had to do but didn’t do?

A correct decision taken by the government was that it did not increase taxes, so we could have predictability in this regard and I think that helped the private economic environment in general.

Among the things that could have been done better and faster, I believe that accelerating the implementation of the digitalization of the economy by adopting electronic invoicing and fully digitizing the relationship between the state and economic operators would have brought many benefits for both parties in 2021.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges in the world in 2022?

A significant challenge anywhere in the world will be to keep taxes at current levels. The management of budget deficits, the energy crisis and the pandemic are putting a lot of pressure on budget spending, and the economy, even if it performs well, will not be able to fully meet these needs along with the much needed investment needs.

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