DocProcess : La pandémie a augmenté d'un tiers le nombre de documents numérisés en 2020

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DocProcess, leader in business process automation in Romania, announces a 33% increase in the number of documents processed digitally in 2020 compared to 2019. The growth was primarily driven by the acceleration of businesses’ digital transformation across Europe, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The health crisis made paper transactions obsolete, and many traditional business processes are starting to show their limitations. In 2020, a significant number of companies realized that they needed a change and that, without digital transformation, they cannot keep up with the new ways of doing business. The growing demand for our services, including in new industries, attest to the substantial benefits of digitalization: from real-time visibility into the business activities, to lower operating costs and improved data accuracy. Moreover, by digitalizing their ecosystems, companies protect themselves against fraud and can expand their business faster, more securely and more sustainably,” declared Liviu Apolozan, founder of DocProcess.

Demand for DocProcess’s Business Ecosystem Automation services grew by 18% in 2020. Companies from healthcare, civil construction, advertising and logistics joined DocProcess’s existing client portfolio. Before the pandemic, most DocProcess customers were companies from the retail, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. However, the pandemic has led an increasing number of companies to give up manual, paper-based processes in favor of automation. These companies are looking to streamline not only their internal processes, but also their interactions with their ecosystem of partners – customers, suppliers or banks.

In the context of pandemic, companies observed that the absence of a logical, coherent and automated contract management process – from initiation and negotiation, to signing, monitoring, renewal and archiving – made their day-to-day activities burdensome. Consequently, the demand for digital contract management solutions has increased significantly in 2020. Beyond e-signature, contract management provided a real operational tool, offering immediate visibility into all contracts, sharing features, the ability to manage contract terms in day-to-day operations, and notifications of milestones and deadlines. Managers could monitor the gaps between rights and obligations and establish and track KPIs on each contract.

The European Commission’s “Digital Economic and Society Index” (DESI) study, published in June 2020, ranked Romania second-to-last in digital technology integration, an indicator that includes the adoption of digital solutions by local SMEs. The study shows that only 23% of Romanian companies send information through electronic channels, compared to the EU average of 34%. The DESI study assesses digital performance at the European level and tracks the evolution of EU Member States’ digital competitiveness.

By implementing Business Ecosystem Automation, companies can take control of their processes, drastically reduce the use of paper and accelerate document processing. As a result, the risks of error and fraud are reduced, employees can focus on value-added tasks, and companies become more sustainable. Between 2014 and 2020, DocProcess and its partners helped save more than 6,200 trees, an equivalent of a five-hectare forest, through digitalization.

According to DocProcess estimates, in 2020, more companies initiated internal automation projects such as the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) compared to the previous year. These solutions have allowed companies to significantly improve the efficiency of internal processes and to reduce repetitive manual tasks. However, while their internal processes have improved, their relationships with external partners have not, and errors, lack of visibility, conflicts and delays persisted.

With the DocProcess Business Ecosystem Automation (BEA) suite, companies of any size and from any industry can go through a digital transformation process, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world. This aspect was of fundamental importance in 2020 when companies had to adapt rapidly to the work from home model. BEA solutions helped companies to automate their relationships with customers and suppliers. In 2020, DocProcess saw a 18% increase in its customer portfolio. The most requested product in its suite of digital solutions was DxInvoice – an end-to-end electronic invoicing solution.

DocProcess enables companies to take control their processes across their entire business ecosystem, bringing along customers, suppliers, banks and other partners, and connecting them in a continuous digital flow. No matter their size or technical capabilities, organizations benefit from borderless automation and full visibility across their supply chain: Purchase-2-Pay, Order-2-Cash, Logistics, Contract Management, reconciliation processes and more. DocProcess automation solutions are used by over 3,500 companies, from multinationals such as Carrefour, Cora, Lactalis, Mondelez, Strauss, to Romanian entrepreneurial companies such as E-Boda, Altex and Flanco.

In 2020, DocProcess accelerated the process of international expansion, investing 1.5 million euro in France, through the opening of a commercial office in Paris in April, and furthering its R&D activities in Grenoble.

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