BPOs offer a lot to their clients, from cost optimization, to agility, and scalability. But above all, BPOs offer control and standardization. They offer the certainty that the client’s documents are properly processed, validated, and stored. And that’s exactly what remote work is putting at risk. For BPOs, working remotely is not a shortcut, but a roadblock. What was once a centralized operation is now a series of endpoints, each of them connected to multiple clients and partners. Service continuity is no longer a constant, but a concern. But it doesn’t have to be!

With a BEA platform, you can streamline processes across your entire supply chain, bringing together clients, logistics companies, and financial partners. Paper documents burdening your employees? Digitalize them. Errors and inconstiencies delaying invoice payments? Validate them in real-time. Contract renewals taking too long? Automate their lifecycle. And the best part? You gain 360° process visibility, knowing at every moment where your documents are and what their status is.

How We Address Your Challenges

No infrastructure changes

Our services are platform-agnostic and compatibile out of the box with your ERP or accounting software. No hardware or software changes are needed.

Zero siloing

Our platforms are fully integrated, allowing seamless circulation of documents between processes. An invoice can be validated, matched against an order, then sent to our secure archive with no intervention. Siloed processes will be a thing of the past.

Tailored to your work style

Our customized workflows will not just help you speed up document processing, but also coordinate remote teams. All while retaining the way of work that helped you succeed in the first place.

Real-time insights

As a BPO, having real-time insight into your customer’s activity is vital. Our advanced reporting capabilities give you just that, tailored to your business needs.

Guaranteed continuity

Our SLA guarantees the safety of our infrastructure in case of natural disasters, but also in case of disruption. Furthermore, you will be safe from invoice fraud and data breaches.

Better employee morale

With less disputes and better process stability, employee morale and confidence will be at an all-time high.

BPO automation

Products For BPO Automation

Facturare electronică
Asigură pe deplin controlul, exactitatea și conformitatea întregului lanț de facturare, de la emiterea sau primirea facturii până la înregistrarea în Cartea mare.
Sistem de management al documentelor & evidențelor
Vă stochează toate documentele într-o arhivă electronică sigură, bazată pe cloud. Un spațiu de stocare comun pentru toate documentele companiei tale – accesibil de oriunde, oricând.
Managementul contractelor
Redu-ți costurile cu întocmirea, negocierea, aprobarea, executarea, stocarea și reînnoirea contractelor. Scade-ți riscurile și transpune-ți termenii contractuali în operațiunile de zi cu zi.

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