Supply chains are a thing of wonder. A pitch-perfect combination of effort, timing, and coordination. Countless products from hundreds of suppliers, delivered with clockwork precision. Unless you’re the one making the delivery. In that case, maintaining a healthy supply chain eats a lot of manpower, time, and paperwork. We have a solution for at least two of those issues.

While vital, modern supply chains are also brittle. Needless paperwork and the constant push for efficiency made them paper-thin. And nobody feels this pressure more than logistics companies, forced to juggle with freight management, process efficiency, and supply chain visibility. Business Ecosystem Automation can take the paperwork load of your employees, allowing them to fulfill their jobs faster and with greater accuracy. It will offer full visibility into the supply chain, allowing you to ensure the quality and consistency of each delivery.

How We Address Your Challenges

100% Coverage

Our solutions can automatically process all logistics-related documents, among which: e-CMR, shipping notifications, receipt acknowledgments, waybills, bills of lading, delivery statuses etc.

Error-free Processing

Say goodbye to last-moment documents and disputes. With automated validations and out-of-the-box compatibility to +250 ERP and TMS platforms, data is transferred without errors to your system.

Native Integration

Our solutions are natively integrated offering you 360° degree visibility over the entire logistics document flow, correlating invoices, orders, logistics documents, and contractual terms.

Real-time Visibility

Our system allows coordination across the entire logistics ecosystem, providing real-time tracking, stock and delivery status for all stakeholders. This allows buyers to prepare the delivery location, suppliers to unload merchandise from accounting stock, and you to have permanent insight on your workload.

Products For Logistics Automation

Catalog electronic
Accelerează-ți vânzările și operațiunile logistice prin armonizarea informațiilor privind produsele deținute de diversele părți implicate. Fluidizează-ți procesele de P2P și O2C.
Creează, trimite, urmărește și notifică automat multiple documente, inclusiv avize de expediție, avize de recepție, conosamente, scrisori de transport și multe altele.
Comandă electronică
Asigură-te că fiecare comandă ajunge la timp la furnizor și că este cât se poate de exactă. Soluția noastră se integrează cu peste 200 ERP-uri, așa că implementarea ei este aproape instantanee.

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Înainte, aveam nevoie de 2 sau 3 angajați pentru documentația de transport. Cu Business Ecosystem Automation, fiecare document este corectat automat, iar platforma face validarea pentru noi. Deoarece potrivirea facturilor se face în timp real, știm că documentele acceptate sunt documente corecte!
Director Logistică
Furnizor materiale de construcție

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