Real-time accounting
Full-time visibility

We’ve been working with accountants for years, and they all told us the same thing. Paperwork is not just eating up work time, but also reaction time! It’s difficult to offer financial advice if you can’t see a client’s situation. This is why we eliminate all manual work of document collection, sorting, finding, data validation and input, in a matter of hours, not days. Real-time accounting means you get access to real-time balance sheets, cashflow statements, and other reporting documents, updated to the second. Not just after month’s close.

How we address your challenges

Paper-free processes

DocProcess eliminates the manual work needed to sort through paper, find misplaced documents and key-in data. You can forget about document collection, indexation and time stamping, as well as about header, footer, and line data extraction.

Immediate compatibility

Our platform is out-of-the-box compatible with more than 250 ERPs and accounting software. This means your clients can submit their documents in which format they want (yes, even paper) and you will receive them in your program of choice.

Perfect accuracy

Our platform allows the instant validation of fiscal data, the calculation of VAT rates, totals and tolerances. Our platform will also automatically allocate general ledger codes.

100% compliance

You will gain permanent access to a fully compliant and secure document archive, with custom workflows and access rules. This will improve your reporting capabilities, but also offer you accessible audit trails, when necessary.

Advanced reporting

Our custom AR and AP reports empower your decision-making and offer you employees valuable time for other business tasks. They allow you to move from bookkeeping to business!


Products for accounting automation

Get full control, accuracy and compliance over your whole invoicing lifecycle, from issuing or receiving your invoice into the General Ledger.
Document & Records Management System
Keep all your documents in a secure, cloud-based electronic archive. A common file repository for all your documents – accessible anywhere, anytime.
Ensure orders reach suppliers in time and are as accurate as possible. Integrates with over 200 ERPs so that deployment is a breeze.

Recommended accounting insights

I was really impressed with the implementation efficiency that DocProcess team offered us. They onboarded suppliers at lighting speed. The BEA platform is flexible enought to accommodate all our business needs and scalable enough to support all our financial processes.
Bertrand Gregory

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