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We help you in your digital journey regardless of where you are starting from. We begin by assessing your readiness to comply with any new e-invoicing regulation, in any country you need. We take care of the implementation of the e-invoicing solution for you, with no disruption to your business.

B2G mandates are now the main drivers for growth

Around the world, an increasing number of directives and laws mandate a shift from paper to e-invoicing. Governments are requiring vendors to send e-invoices to public administrations (PA), aiming to make e-invoicing the predominant invoicing method.

The goal: increase traceability, efficiency, and tax compliance.

For example, the EU issued the Directive 2014/55/EU on e-invoicing and public procurement in 2014. The implementation of the directive is well under way in countries such as France, Germany, and Italy. In other parts of the world, the trend is similar: in 2020, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) & Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) issued its own e-invoicing mandate, while in the USA, federal agencies have been required to receive and process e-invoices since 2018.

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Different approaches to these mandates exist, called Continuous Transaction Controls. The method currently gaining traction to replace the post-audit model is known as the “real-time clearance model”.

DocProcess can help you integrate and use any of these models, for any chosen government platform.

How are rules applied in different countries?

Different countries already set their own working frameworks and ground rules for the implementation of the e-invoicing process, both for B2G and B2B transactions. Find out more!

Turn constraint into opportunity

The global trend of business processes digitalization is accelerating, and first movers in the adoption of these technologies benefit from a distinct competitive advantage. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to re-evaluate and fully digitalize your own processes?

Starting with e-invoicing, you can get frictionless commerce and gain access to real-time data and business insights. At the same time, no matter the model that your government chooses, not only that you will be compliant, but you will also gain speed and accuracy through quick validation, approval and verification of invoices using predefined rules and n-way data matching. And the best part: the solution will pay for itself quickly.

The defensive approach:

Address compliance issues only
  • Structured e-invoice generation
  • E-archiving
  • Integration with public platform

The offensive approach:

Address the real issues
  • Productivity
  • Cashflow
  • Data quality
  • Supplier-customer relationship
  • Compliance

Ensure global compliance and optimize your invoicing flows

E-Invoice sending and receiving

DocProcess helps you exchange all invoices electronically and securely, regardless of your partners’ invoicing capabilities and desired formats (paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc).

Compliance and traceability

E-invoicing helps you reduce the risk of financial penalties and other sanctions associated with non-compliance with regulations. You can achieve tax compliance through automated tax code handling and advanced tax calculations.

Increased speed of transactions

E-invoicing allows suppliers to issue invoices and buyers to receive them automatically. It handles direct integration with any ERP system and file format.

Real-time visibility and audit

Comprehensive audit trails include original invoice image to provide control over the entire process. You get real-time view of your cashflow, enabling its optimization.

No errors or missing invoices

Our advanced matching platform supports not just 2-way and 3-way matching, but also n-way matching between as many documents and types of documents as needed.

Security and data compliance

DocProcess’s commitment to a flawless user experience is coupled with extensive security measures, as well as a multi-level back-up process. To protect documents from dispatch to reception, DocProcess uses only secure transfer protocols.


Our solution is also available for B2B