Contract lifecycle management is vital. Yet, it’s one of the most siloed, labour- and time-intensive activities. For every contract, your team must create countless drafts, run it by other departments, negotiate contract terms, approve it with the other side, store it compliantly and track its execution.

What if you could not only automate the entire contract lifecycle management flow, but also make sure every contractual term is followed, every renewal is handled in due time and no compliance issues ever arise? Our platform does just that. Thanks to the native integration of our entire product suite, you can even go further: by connecting your contract management with other flows – such as ordering, logistics or invoicing – you’re empowering your team with the most powerful compliance tool.

How we address your challenges

Forget paper-based contracts and reviews by email

Drastically reduce the time your team spends drafting and reviewing contracts, following contractual terms and renewals. Automate these tasks to allow your team to spend time on more important and strategic tasks.


Complete with audit trails, our solutions ease the compliance process. Not only that, but you gain complete visibility into the performance of your customers, suppliers, and your team.

visibility and

Gain real-time insight into your contract lifecycle management. Get both standard and custom reporting on key contract data as well as reporting on milestones, terms, and obligations.

Ease of

Friendly interface, handy notifications, clear-cut roles and responsibilities, templates, version tracking and much more; all these make the onboarding of your colleagues a breeze.


Define a template once, then review just specific terms. No more searching through endless variations, no more tracking down versions or terms. Find everything in a single interface that reduces the time to approve a contract from days to hours.

Perfect compliance across all operations

Ensure contractual terms compliance and diminish risk. DocProcess transforms contract terms into rules and checkpoints for the order process, the logistic process, all the way to invoicing.

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Recommended products

Contract Management

Lower the costs of creating, negotiating, approving, executing, storing and renewing contracts. Decrease risks and track terms into day to day operations.

Electronic Catalog

Speed up sales and logistical operations by harmonizing product information between parties. Run smoother P2P and O2C processes.

Document & Records Management System

Keep all your documents in a secure and compliant cloud-based electronic archive. A common file repository for all your documents – accessible anywhere, anytime.