Managed dematerialization

So that you don’t have to deal with it


Our solution

Paper or image documents are a liability. They cost hundreds of hours to fill in, and hundreds of euros to transport and store. Worse yet, paper or image document errors can easily disrupt your business processes.

Our team will free you from the burden of paperwork. Much like BPOs, our operators can tackle every step of paper dematerialization, end-to-end. We receive, sort, and index documents, then we capture their data, validate it, and store the resulting e-documents safely. But this is just the first step towards your full digital transformation.


What’s included in our document digitization service

Paper documents receipt

We ensure document receipt on our premises so that you don’t have to deal with it.

paper handling

Sorting, indexing, scanning, data extraction and putting the paper back in files for physical archiving.

Ensure data accuracy

Using advanced OCR tools and quality assurance checks, your data is 100% accurate.

Any type of controls

We can apply any type of control (fiscal, business, approval workflows, etc.) to the extracted data.

Full traceability and reporting

We make sure that no document is lost or duplicated.

Electronic archive

For all your newly converted documents.

Eliminate paper completely and discover the benefits of doing so

Your benefits

100% managed paper dematerialization

0.1% error-rate, due to advanced OCR and machine learning

100% frictionless switch to electronic