Monthly roundup – January 2022

New modules

Archive any type of document with DxArchive Plus

We are expanding our archiving capabilities with a new module that allows users to permanently store any type of record! Right now, you might already be archiving your transactional documents (orders, receipt advices and invoices for example). With DxArchive Plus, we make the same benefits possible for any other type of document you may need: HR documents, legal documents, and more. Learn more or request a demo.

DxArchive Plus


New features

View your document’s history all in one place

With the new audit trail visualization feature, you can view the entire history of your documents in a single panel: in just one click you’ll see the timeline of status changes, status messages, actions taken and related records. Learn more.


Create invoices from scratch directly on the platform

Invoice creation from scratch is now widely available to suppliers using the web portal and comes in addition to the existing purchase order/invoice conversion feature. With this functionality, you can create your invoices from zero via a simple web invoice creation form, directly on the platform. Learn more.

Create invoice

Bulk-convert invoice currencies on web invoices

For users of the web invoice creation form, you can now apply currency conversions to your entire invoice, including at the line level, in just a few clicks. This feature is available upon request.



In case you missed it

While the older version of the DocProcess platform is still available, our team has been working hard to make the new platform available to all of our users!

We highly encourage you to explore and start using it so you can start benefitting from the latest features and improvements. These include:

  • A simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Advanced search capabilities and easy exports to Excel.
  • Web forms so you can easily fill in and verify your invoice information before sending it.
  • Audit trail visualization and linking of associated documents.
  • Full integration with the electronic catalog module.
  • APIs, offering new integration possibilities.



Bug fixes and improvements

  • We implemented a simplified view for large invoices (50+ lines) in order to improve performance and usability.
  • Your documents list is now filtered to the last 7 days to help with loading speed. You can still remove or modify this date range via the date range filter.
  • We conducted maintenance operations in early January to improve the overall stability, scalability and performance.