Switching Products and Language


By now you’ve probably familiarized a bit with the new interface. That’s great! But what if you want to temporarily switch back to the classic interface or access your electronic archive?


Switching Products

1.Well, that’s easy. All you have to do is click on the top left button on the interface.

2.It is there that you will find the old version of DocXchange (Classic), but also other products such as DxArchive or DxContract, if your company has acquired them.

Changing Language

1.Want to change the interface language? Nothing easier. Just click on the top right button with your user name on it.

2.It is there that you will not only be able to change the language, but also Log Out.


3.Pressing on the question mark on the left of this menu will allow you to access the knowledge base and send us feedback!

Good luck!