How Are Documents Added to the Archive?

Want to know how to get your documents to DxArchive and how to download them?

Methods of Archiving

Your documents can reach your secure archive in two ways.

1.The documents were processed and transmitted through DocXchange and received a status considered final by their recipient (“Received by customer”, “Accepted by customer”, etc.), 90 days ago. Basically, all documents (invoices, orders, notices, etc.) processed by our platform and accepted by their recipient will arrive in the archive after 90 days!

2.For DxNoPaper customers, the paper documents are digitized (through a combination of OCR scanning and processing) and uploaded directly to the electronic archive.


How to Download a Document

1.Place the cursor over the document you want to download.


2.More options will appear on its right. Click on the Download option.

3.From here you can also preview the document and, if you want to see all the files and messages attached to an invoice or order, you can do it with a click on the last icon (More).

4.For example, this invoice in .xml format also corresponds to an invoice in .pdf format. You can also see linked documents and associated messages in this tab!