How Do I Manage Archived Files?


In addition to the multiple search filters you can use to find your documents, DxArchive allows you to display your file metadata at any time.



1.To view the contents of a file, just click on it.

2.To find out what metadata is contained in each file, it is sufficient that, with the cursor above the file name, to click on the metadata icon on the right.

3.The metadata will be displayed on the right side of the screen without leaving the main DxArchive window.



1. To search for files, you can use the fields above the main window.

2. To add search filters, use the More Filters button.


1.To add more columns to the file list, you will need to access the Columns menu.

2.Certain columns, such as the Issue Date, allow the list to be sorted up or down.

3.To check if you have received new files, press the Refresh button.