What Documents Can I Store?


DxArchive supports any file format, structured or unstructured, and can be easily integrated with any business system. Moreover, our platform will normalize and extract metadata and allow you to instantly find the files you are looking for.

According to local archiving laws, documents can be archived on paper or on an electronic support, as long as they can be made available by legal request. According to the same law, acquisition and inventory documents have to be kept for at least 5 years from the end of their financial use, while accounting registries and accounting documents (including invoices) have to be stored for no less than 10 years.


Types of documents

With DxArchive you can store documents

1.From your ERP and accounting software, straight to us

2.In your prefered format, compatible with your ERP software, but also in an image format (from .jpg to .pdf scans), when, aside from electronic invoices, you want to send additional attachments, in an unstructured format.

3.As images of any type or even paper documents, case in which our system will use OCR to extract the data.


Visualizing Documents

1.Access DxArchive

2.To see available document classes, it’s enough to look at the left side of the screen, at the documents menu.

3.It’s here that you will find your documents grouped as Orders, Despatch Advices, Receiving Advices and Invoices.