How does an e-catalog work?

Master Data Harmonization and its uses

You’ve probably added an electronic catalog to your platform and you’re wondering how you should approach it. Well, the good news is that your e-catalog is already working for you! Indeed, you don’t have to do anything extra.

An e-catalog allows you and your partners to establish common products, prices, discounts and many more. In other words: it harmonizes the data between you and your business partners, in order to avoid disputes and bottlenecks.

How Can I Check its Activation?

Well, if you’re an account administrator and have acquired the product, you already have access to the e-catalog interface. If you’re not, the quickest way to do so is just try to create an order or convert an invoice. Everytime you try to introduce a new product, you’ll see a list of approved products, as well as their features. That is your e-catalog working!