Welcome to DocProcess BEA



Welcome to the new version of the DocProcess Business Ecosystem Automation suite! We hope the new, streamlined, interface is to your liking. Our platform offers you a suite of natively integrated products that take care of all your business flows, not just internally, but with your partners as well, connecting all the dots in the chain. We give you and your partners real-time visibility over your operations as well as the ability to control every link in the supply chain.

Our solutions cover all your automation needs, from P2P and O2C to Logistics, Contract Management, and Payments. Our next generation platform comes with out-of-the-box compatibility with over 200 ERPs and 360° process visibility.

While this version of the platform is still in Beta, you will still be able to manage most of your files. Simply consult the specific article and see what functionalities are available. Meanwhile, don’t worry: if you need to do something and can’t do it in the new interface, you can easily switch to the old one, using the DxPortal button on the top left of the screen. Feel free to explore the document categories on the left side of the screen, try the filters above the document area, or add custom ones using the “More Filters” button. Use this Knowledge Base to get valuable information on each functionality or understand how you can get the desired results!

You can easily change the language from the top right “user name” menu. It’s there that you can also give us feedback from. We’ll be happy to answer it.

Enjoy your experience,
The DocProcess Team