Navigating and Downloading

Have you familiarized yourself with the general interface and are ready to start navigating? Perfect!

The Main Interface

1.The first thing you must do after logging in is locate the Refresh button.

2.It is now placed on the top menu bar, on the right. You can use it anytime you need to refresh your file list or when waiting for a certain document.  You can try it now.

3.Secondly, you should study the document types on the right side of the screen.

4.Your documents are stored based on a set of predefined categories such as Orders, Advices, Invoices or Forecasts. Clicking on All Documents will get you back to the main screen.

5.Choose a category, such as Invoices. If a certain category has a lot of documents you can choose to show more on the page or view the next page through the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing Documents

1.To view a document, simply click on it.

2.Some documents will not only show you their data, but also related documents (such as an .xml related to a .pdf), and status messages. However, most documents will simply display a unified and easy-to-read view.

3.To go back to the main interface, use the bottom left button or simply click on the desired category.

The Secondary Menu

1.However, the easiest way to preview a document is to simply hover your mouse over it in the main interface and click on the metadata icon from the floating menu.

2.The same menu will also allow you to download the file or view any related documents.

3.Downloading the document can be done in multiple formats, at your choice.

Good luck!

Take note that, in order to ensure the best possible experience, downloading multiple files is limited to 200 files at once. If you have more documents, you may download them all, but in 200 files batches.