Searching and Filters


Now that you’ve gotten a grasp on navigation is time to proceed with finding your documents.

Searching for documents

1.Let’s click on Invoices, for example.

2.Your invoices will be shown on the document display area.

3.As shown in the previous tutorial, if there are multiple invoices on one page, you can easily change pages or choose how many documents to display.


4.To search for a document, just used the search boxes above the file area.


5.Notice how the Issue Date menu has multiple submenus.

Managing Filters

1.Not satisfied with the existing search categories? Just use the More Filters button.

2.You could easily add Creation Date and Contract ID, among many others, and they will remain in your boxes area.


3.Pressing Default will reset your search area to its initial state.


4.That’s it. Spend some time to get the hang of the interface and find your documents in one click!



Complete Filter List