Converting Orders Into Invoices


Note:This feature is still in beta. If you can’t find it in the new version of our platform, simply use the legacy version of DocXchange, accessible from the product menu.

Converting orders into invoices

If you’re wondering how you can turn a purchase order or a receipt advice from one of your clients into a in invoice, you’ve come to the right place.

1.First, you have to select the desired purchase order. For this, you must first navigate to the Orders tab, from the menu on the left.

2.Once here, simply select the desired order.

3.Don’t forget that, if you can’t find the right order, you can always use Filters for advanced search. Consult the related article to see how filters work!

4.Once you’re in the order screen, just scroll to the bottom and click on Convert to Invoice.

5.You’ll notice that your new invoice has most of the details from the order prefilled.

6.You will however have to fill in some mandatory fields like the invoice number and date. These are marked with an ‘’*’’ sign.

7.Also mandatory will be the fields pertaining the invoice’s maximum payment period (a number), as well as the unit this is measured in (days, months, years).

8.Other fields such as “Reference Invoice” should only be filled in when creating a storno or correction invoice. If this is not the case, you can just ignore them.

9.Don’t forget to check the product lines and verify the quantities, units, and prices. While these fields are pre-filled from the invoice, you might feel the need to add extra discounts or to make changes.

10.Any other fields that are not mandatory or auto-filled from the invoice can be ignored, unless your invoice’s specific types requires them.

11.In the end, you’ll see the Save, Preview, and Send options. If you just want to Save your document and modify it later, click Save. Preview will give you an overview of the invoice, while Send will send it towards your client. Bear in mind that clicking Send cannot be undone!

12.After sending, your invoice will appear in your Invoices tab, with its current status.

Converting receipt advices into invoices

Converting a receipt advice into an invoice is just as easy as converting an order.

1.All you have to do is access the receipt advice folder from the left-side menu.

2.Once there, you should select the desired receipt advice.

3.At the bottom of the interface, you will find the Convert to Invoice button.

4.Simply press it and follow the exact same steps as you did with the order!

That’s all! Good luck with your invoicing!