Correcting and Cancelling an Invoice

Note: This feature is still in beta. If you can’t find it in the new version of our platform, simply use the legacy version of DocXchange, accessible from the product menu.

So, did you send the wrong invoice or are trying to correct an existing one? Did you client ask you to perform small adjustments? No problem.

1.Simply select your invoice folder

2. Select the desired invoice and click on it.

3. At the bottom of the view you will noticed two buttons: Correct the Invoice and Cancel the Invoice.

4. Correcting it will get you back to the invoice panel, allowing you to change your invoice lines.

5.Canceling it will immediately cancel the invoice and notify the buyer.

6.A shorter, more direct route of doing the same thing is simply hovering over each document in the document view and pressing on the three dots from the floating menu.

7.That’s all!