How long are my documents stored for?

All your documents, regardless of type and format, are stored on the DocProcess platform for 90 days since the moment they reach our platform. But don’t worry, there is a way you can continue to keep your documents on our system in a secure and legally compliant way.

What can I do to store them for a longer period?

Unless you plan on downloading documents regularly and storing them yourself, we recommend getting a DxArchive account, an affordable and compliant electronic archive that will allow you to store your documents for as long as it is legally required. Furthermore, DxArchive features the same metadata search capabilities as all our platforms.

You must note that many of your documents, including invoices, orders, and dispatch advices have legal value. This means that having them stored in a compliant manner is mandatory. According to local archiving laws, accounting documents and associated proof (invoices included) have to be stored for 10 years.

Will I get a warning before deletion?

You will be briefed about the retention period when signing up, but it would be impossible to warn you about each particular file, especially when you send and receive multiple documents. Documents on our platform will be deleted once they reach the 90 day limit. Using DxArchive is the easiest way of making sure you never lose important documents.

How do I know if I have DxArchive?

You can ask your system administrator or our team at any time. However, the simplest way to check is simply to press the product browser on the left side of the screen and see if the product is shown there.