Status Messages and Metadata

Status Messages

Regardless of the folder you’re currently in, you might have noticed some of your files have certain statuses attached to them.

1.If you can’t notice them, just go to your Invoices folder.

2.The scroll to the right, until you see the penultimate column, titled Status.

3.By pressing the “Metadata” button on the floating menu, you can find out more details both about the document and about each status message.

4. The metadata should be shown on the right side of the screen. To get to the status messages, just scroll down.


Message Types

So, what does each status mean?

Received by DX  – Your document has reached our system.

Sent – Your document has been sent towards the client.

Received by recipient – The document has been received by the client, and is currently being analyzed.

Waiting for recipient  – The document has been sent, but hasn’t been opened.

Accepted by recipient – The document has been received and approved and its final version is now getting back to you.

Format error – You tried to attach files that are not readable by the system.

Content error – You have failed to complete the necessary invoice fields or have used erroneous information within them.

Rejected by recipient – The client has received your document, but has rejected it. To see the exact reason, click the Metadata button and see the details of your message.

No credit – You ran out of DocXchange credits. Acquire a new package to continue.

Pending enrichments  – This document is waiting either for data enrichment or for an extra document, vital to the completion of the transaction.