Your customers trust you to offer them solutions that not just address, but anticipate their challenges. By selling our Business Ecosystem automation solutions, you don’t just offer a platform, you offer them a business suite able to automate processes across the entire supply chain, so your clients can gain full control of their ecosystem. In other words: proven results for them and new opportunities for you.

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Why partner with us?

Whether you are a reseller, integrator, or individual consultant, our BEA services will make it simple for your business and clients to grow .

Through the use of integration and built-in customization, we can offer both single modules, for specific issues, but also an integrated suite that can be upgraded at any moment.

All done without costly installations and infrastructure changes and profitable from day 1. When you partner with DocProcess, you don’t just choose a technological solution, you choose 16 years of innovation and more than 3,500 satisfied customers.

Types of partnerships


Do you plan on recommending our products to your clients, placing our offer on your website or facilitating a sale? Then we can offer you a full promotional pack, with ready-made materials, comprehensive guides, and free consulting. Our flawless market reputation and proven results will do the rest.


Do you want to directly resell our BEA platform and help your clients switch to borderless automation? Then our team will provide you with all the support you need when sealing the deal as well as tackle the entire process of onboarding the client to our platform.


If our state-of-the-art technology has caught your attention and you plan on integrating it within your own, then this is the offer for you. Our BEA suite provides out-of-the-box compatibility with over 200ERPs, can be easily integrated through standard REST APIs and supports all major types of files and formats.

The DocProcess promise

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